Kate Tarratt Cross was born in South Africa in 1973. She spent over 10 years in the UK studying and working and then moved to Haiti to set up and run an Art Centre (FOSAJ). Five years later and just prior to the earthquake that destroyed FOSAJ, Kate returned to South Africa where she worked as the Director of Greatmore Art Studios and administrator of Thupelo. Having dedicated many years to facilitating art projects, Kate finally took a job on the sea. She sailed for 4 years which then prompted her to settle in France. Here she will set up her studio whilst running her own online business.

Kate’s work evolves around her autobiographical journey through space, time and exploring the notion of existence through her shadow. The shadow as a subject has fascinated her for several years from a physical, philosophical and psychological perspective.

Kate works primarily with paint on canvas and focuses on technique, colour, composition and the “physicality” of the shadow. Printmaking has always been an integral part of her investigations as well as photography. On a previous residency she completed a series of drawings which explored the shadow as a “void”. Along the same lines, on her most recent residency, she explored the shadow camouflaged as well as charcoal impressions.

She now has 4 years of ideas just waiting to be executed.

Kate has exhibited in Haiti, USA, England and South Africa.

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